How do I contribute?

Contributing to PRISM is done through pull requests in the repository. If you have an idea on what to contribute, it is recommended to open a GitHub issue about it, such that the maintainers can give their advice or help. If you want to contribute but do not really know what, then you can take a look at the ToDos that are scattered throughout the code. When making a contribution, please keep in mind that it must be compatible with all Python versions that PRISM supports (3.5+), and preferably with all operating systems as well.

How do I report a bug/problem?

By opening a GitHub issue and using the Bug report template.

What does the term mean?

A list of the most commonly used terms in PRISM can be found on the Terminology page.

Where can I get PRISM’s colormaps?

The rainforest and freeze colormaps that are used for drawing PRISM’s projection figures, are freely available in the CMasher package. Importing CMasher will automatically add both colormaps (and their reverses) to the list of available colormaps in Matplotlib, among many others. More information on the colormaps in CMasher can be found in its documentation.

Which OSs are supported?

PRISM should be compatible with all Windows, Mac OS and UNIX-based machines, as long as they support one of the required Python versions. Compatibility is currently tested for all OSs using Azure Pipelines.