Source code for prism._gui.widgets.viewing_area

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

GUI Projection Viewing Area
Provides the viewing area dock widget for the Projection GUI.


# Built-in imports
from os import path
from sys import platform

# Package imports
import e13tools as e13
from qtpy import QtCore as QC, QtWidgets as QW
from sortedcontainers import SortedDict as sdict

# PRISM imports
from prism._docstrings import kwargs_doc, qt_slot_doc
from prism._gui.widgets import QW_QAction, QW_QToolBar

# All declaration
__all__ = ['ViewingAreaDockWidget']

# Define class for the projection viewing area dock widget
# TODO: Allow for multiple viewing areas to co-exist?
[docs]class ViewingAreaDockWidget(QW.QDockWidget): """ Defines the :class:`~ViewingAreaDockWidget` class for the Projection GUI. This class provides the user with an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) area using the :class:`~PyQt5.QtWidgets.QMdiArea` class. All drawn projection figures live in this area and can be interacted with. """
[docs] @e13.docstring_substitute(optional=kwargs_doc.format( 'PyQt5.QtWidgets.QDockWidget')) def __init__(self, main_window_obj, *args, **kwargs): """ Initialize an instance of the :class:`~ViewingAreaDockWidget` class. Parameters ---------- main_window_obj : :obj:`~prism._gui.widgets.MainViewerWindow` object Instance of the :class:`~prism._gui.widgets.MainViewerWindow` class that acts as the parent of this dock widget. %(optional)s """ # Save provided MainWindow object self.main = main_window_obj self.pipe = self.main.pipe self.set_proj_attr = self.main.set_proj_attr self.all_set_proj_attr = self.main.all_set_proj_attr self.get_proj_attr = self.main.get_proj_attr self.call_proj_attr = self.main.call_proj_attr self.all_call_proj_attr = self.main.all_call_proj_attr # Call super constructor super().__init__("Viewing area", self.main, *args, **kwargs) # Create the projection viewing area self.init()
# This function creates the main projection viewing area
[docs] def init(self): """ Sets up the projection viewing area dock widget after it has been initialized. This function is mainly responsible for enabling the :class:`~prism._gui.widgets.OverviewDockWidget` to properly interact and control the projection figures that have been drawn. """ # Create an MdiArea for the viewing area self.area_window = QW.QMainWindow() self.proj_area = QW.QMdiArea(self) self.area_window.setCentralWidget(self.proj_area) self.proj_area.setFocus() self.setWidget(self.area_window) # Options for proj_area self.proj_area.setViewMode(QW.QMdiArea.SubWindowView) self.proj_area.setOption(QW.QMdiArea.DontMaximizeSubWindowOnActivation) self.proj_area.setActivationOrder(QW.QMdiArea.StackingOrder) self.proj_area.setStatusTip("Main projection viewing area") # Options for area_window self.area_window.setAttribute(QC.Qt.WA_DeleteOnClose) self.area_window.setContextMenuPolicy(QC.Qt.NoContextMenu) # Obtain dict of default docking positions self.default_pos = self.get_default_dock_positions() # Add toolbar to the projection viewer self.create_projection_toolbar()
# This function saves the current state of the viewer to file # TODO: See if the window frames can be removed from the saved image
[docs] @QC.Slot() @e13.docstring_substitute(qt_slot=qt_slot_doc) def save_view(self): """ Saves the current view of the viewing area to file. %(qt_slot)s """ # Get dict of all file extensions allowed exts = sdict({ 'Portable Network Graphics': "*.png", 'Joint Photographic Experts Group': "*.jpg *.jpeg", 'Windows Bitmap': "*.bmp", 'Portable Pixmap': "*.ppm", 'X11 Bitmap': "*.xbm", 'X11 Pixmap': "*.xpm"}) # Set default extension default_ext = '*.png' # Initialize empty list of filters and default filter file_filters = [] default_filter = None # Obtain list with the different file filters for name, ext in exts.items(): # Create proper string layout for this filter file_filter = "%s (%s)" % (name, ext) file_filters.append(file_filter) # If this extension is the default one, save it as such if default_ext in file_filter: default_filter = file_filter # Add 'All (Image) Files' filter to the list of filters for convenience file_filters.append("All Image Files (%s)" % (' '.join(exts.values()))) file_filters.append("All Files (*)") # Combine list into a single string file_filters = ';;'.join(file_filters) # Create an OS-dependent options dict options = {} # Do not use Linux' native dialog as it is bad on some dists if platform.startswith('linux'): options = {'options': QW.QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog} # Open the file saving system filename, _ = QW.QFileDialog.getSaveFileName( parent=self.main, caption="Save view as...", directory=path.join(self.pipe._working_dir, "proj_area.png"), filter=file_filters, initialFilter=default_filter, **options) # If filename was provided, save image if filename: # Grab the current state of the projection area as a Pixmap pixmap = self.proj_area.grab() # Save pixmap with chosen filename
# This function is called when the main window is closed
[docs] def closeEvent(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Special :meth:`~PyQt5.QtWidgets.QWidget.closeEvent` event that automatically performs some clean-up operations before the viewing area closes. """ # Close the main window in this widget self.area_window.close() # Close the projection viewer super().closeEvent(*args, **kwargs)
# This function returns the default positions of dock widgets and toolbars
[docs] def get_default_dock_positions(self): """ Returns the default positions of all dock widgets connected to the viewing area. """ # Make dict including the default docking positions default_pos = { 'Tools': QC.Qt.TopToolBarArea} # Return it return(default_pos)
# This function sets dock widgets and toolbars to their default position
[docs] @QC.Slot() @e13.docstring_substitute(qt_slot=qt_slot_doc) def set_default_dock_positions(self): """ Sets the postions of all dock widgets connected to the viewing area to their default positions. %(qt_slot)s """ # Set the dock widgets and toolbars to their default positions # TOOLS TOOLBAR self.proj_toolbar.setVisible(True) self.area_window.addToolBar(self.default_pos['Tools'], self.proj_toolbar)
# This function creates the toolbar of the projection viewing area
[docs] def create_projection_toolbar(self): """ Creates the top-level toolbar of the viewing area, primarily used for manipulating the area subwindows. """ # Create toolbar for projection viewer self.proj_toolbar = QW_QToolBar(self, "Tools") # Create an action for enabling/disabling the toolbar proj_toolbar_act = self.proj_toolbar.toggleViewAction() proj_toolbar_act.setText("Tools toolbar") proj_toolbar_act.setStatusTip("Enable/disable the 'Tools' toolbar") self.main.toolbars_menu.addAction(proj_toolbar_act) # Add action for cascading all subwindows cascade_act = QW_QAction( self, "&Cascade", shortcut=QC.Qt.CTRL + QC.Qt.SHIFT + QC.Qt.Key_C, statustip="Cascade all subwindows", triggered=self.proj_area.cascadeSubWindows) self.proj_toolbar.addAction(cascade_act) # Add action for tiling all subwindows tile_act = QW_QAction( self, "&Tile", shortcut=QC.Qt.CTRL + QC.Qt.SHIFT + QC.Qt.Key_T, statustip="Tile all subwindows", triggered=self.proj_area.tileSubWindows) self.proj_toolbar.addAction(tile_act) # Add action for closing all subwindows close_act = QW_QAction( self, "Close all", shortcut=QC.Qt.CTRL + QC.Qt.SHIFT + QC.Qt.Key_X, statustip="Close all subwindows", triggered=self.proj_area.closeAllSubWindows) self.proj_toolbar.addAction(close_act)